Little Acorns Out of School Club






dress up at Little Acorns Out of School Club

Morning sessions


The Club is open from 8am until 9am, Monday to Friday.

During the session, the children are given breakfast of cereal or toast, and a drink of milk, water or juice. Fruit is available for the children at any time. The children can choose from a variety of crafts and toys to play with, such as jigsaws, board games, role play, free play, drawing, reading and Wii.

The children are walked the short distance to school, accompanied by trained Playworkers in time for the beginning of the school day.



Afternoon sessions

play at Little Acorns Out of School Club


The Club is open from 3.15pm until 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Thursday.

The children are collected from school by trained Playworkers from the Out of School Club and will be given the opportunity to play in the local playground or in the school yard for approx 30 minutes. The children are then escorted back to St Hilda's Church Hall where they are given a healthy snack. This ranges from soup and bread to fishcakes and beans. Fruit and yoghurts will be available to the children, along with juice, milk or water to drink.

During the session, children can choose from a number of crafts and activities, including free play, role play, drawing, reading, Wii and board games. A structured activity will also be provided each day, which may be related to a theme for the term or a cultural festival.



Who to contact

Telephone  07769 271 066