Jesmond Festival During Covid-19

In the absence of a Jesmond Festival 2020…

A selection of ‘Art and Crafts’ from our local schools, shown at St Hilda’s church, in recent years. 

Above are paintings and pottery made by pupils from Percy Hedley School. And also paintings by pupils from West Jesmond Primary School

The local schools take part in our Art & Craft Exhibition every year, coronavirus and lock-down has changed this for 2020. Some of the children’s work from previous years can be seen here. The two pictures above are models of characters from Roald Dahl’s books, made by pupils from West Jesmond Primary School.

Models and paintings of famous buildings in the North East by Percy Hedley School

Starry Night paintings and other scenes by younger children at West Jesmond Primary School.

More amazing work from children from Percy Hedley School. Landscape paintings, using anything except a paint brush.   Opposite – Theatre and puppets from Romeo and Juliet.

Children from local dance studios, performing their dance routines.  

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