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A FESTIVAL OF DECORATED CHRISTMAS TREES...... Saturday the 1st December 2018

Welcome to our 9th Community Tree Festival.   If you’ve entered a tree in previous years then you already know the format, but for those who are entering for the first time, or if you’d like a reminder…                                                       There are no rules as such, except to say your entry must be a tree, or resemble a tree.  The size doesn’t matter, large or small and real or imitation, even part of a tree counts, whichever you prefer.   We have seen some spectacular trees in past years and some witty ones too; even a few twigs and they have all been great!  It is very much a fun event and is for everyone, so whether it’s for the first time or the 9th why not take part in this event and join in the fun. 

There are different categories, Individual, Group, Adult, Children, Business and any others that may come to light nearer the time.  The tree will have a name, chosen by you and a number, allocated by St. Hilda’s. The number will be used by the public when voting and prizes will be given for the trees with the most votes.    

Each category will have a winner.    

Your tree should be taken away after the festival and perhaps used to decorate a shop window, a classroom, at home,  or work place.  The fee to enter a tree in the festival is £10.00                                                                                                              The Church will be open to receive and / or decorate trees on the premises, on Thursday 29th November from 11am until 5pm and /or Friday 30th November from 11am  until 7pm.

Viewing and voting will be from 11:00am until 4:30pm on Saturday the 1st December.   Carol singing, surrounded by the trees, at 5pm and the winning trees will be announced during the carol singing.

CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBERS.......0191 2846568 or 0191 2814133

If you would like to enter a Decorated Christmas Tree, please give the information requested below and return  it to  a member of the Church, post it through the Church  letterbox, on Thornleigh Rd.... opposite Starbucks.  Or post to St. Hilda’s Church, Thornleigh Rd, West Jesmond, Newcastle NE2 3ET

Alterately pick up a poster and entry form from church, or ring one of the telephone numbers provided and have them delivered. 


complete and return

      Yes I would like to enter a tree in the ‘Festival of Decorated Christmas Trees’.

      Name or Combined Name if a Group.....................................................................................................

      The name you’ve chosen for your tree....................................................................................................

       I enclose a cheque for £10.00 (made payable to St. Hilda’s Church) as my entry fee.


Prayer Cafe Thursday September 13th 2018

A very warm invitation to Prayer Café..... 

In a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying food in beautiful surroundings, we might think about those who are in need, things we are troubled by, and also those things we are thankful for.  We then move to the Lady Chapel for a very short service, offering our thoughts to God in prayer… led by a minister… Christine will be with us this Thursday.

Also for anyone who hasn’t already seen the Flower Festival and Exhibition, it will still be in place and you would be most welcome to take a look…  Probably a good idea to come a little earlier, any time after 2:00pm.

There is no charge 

The Flower Festival and Exhibition – Run The Race Set Before Us

It all began with a preview on Friday evening... Followed by The Bishop of Lancaster: The Rt Revd Jill Duff, speaking about the race set before us! Squillo Opera Company, gave a great performance and finally Amelia Lewis, a 13 year old with the voice of an angel!  It was a wonderful evening!   On Saturday viewing was from 10 am until 6 pm, with musical  interludes throughout the day and stalls and refreshments in the hall.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor      

The Bishop cutting the ribbon to star the race!         Squillo Opera Company                        Amelia Lewis


The Garden of Eden                          The serpent                                      A bird - in Eden


RUNNING THE RACE BEFORE US - Following the path!!


Life isn't always a bed of roses                                          Difficult Times - Barren land and a mountain

Runner beans running to the finish  -  Christ The Redeemer welcoming the runners at the end of the race! - Baptism

Additional Information – Flower Festival & Exhibition




We are delighted to announce the entertainment at the preview of the Flower Festival on Friday the 7th September will be as follows...

Doors open at 7pm for the preview of the exhibition - Run The Race Set Before Us!

There will be Cheese and Wine or fruit juice if preferred.



The Bishop of Lancaster: The Rt. Revd Jill Duff and The Revd Miles Baker will be our guests and speakers.



Squillo Opera Company - They will be singing a selection of opera, classical and some pieces from popular musicals.

Amelia Lewis - Amelia at the age of 13 has a list of achievements.  One of those at the even younger age of 11, took her to the finals of the BBC Chorister of the year competition, she was the youngest competitor.













SQUILLO OPERA COMPANY - Performing at St Hilda's with a selection of opera, classical and pieces from popular musicals.  Doors open at 7pm on Friday the 7th September, followed by the preview with cheese and wine and entertainment!  

The Bishop of Lancaster: The Rt Revd Jill Duff and The Revd Miles Baker will be our guest speakers and there will also be a surprise guest!  All will be revealed soon. 



A warm invitation from St. Hilda’s

To our Flower Festival and Exhibition 7th & 8th September 2018


The theme for 2018 is… RUN THE RACE SET BEFORE US

Normally our Flower Festival is held in July... Apologies to anyone who didn’t see our poster or website about the change of date and has been wondering what had happened.

The date was changed to coincide with The Bishops Mission, from September 6th to the 9th 2018, when the Northern Bishops and Deanery team are coming together in mission, inspired by The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu  to get involved  and take part in this weekend. As a result, we are delighted to say we have two guest speakers from this team, The Bishop of Lancaster: The Rt Revd Jill Duff and The Revd Miles Baker.  

On Friday evening, the 7th September, we open the doors for The Preview of the Flowers at 7:00pm, with cheese and Wine, after sufficient time has passed, to see the exhibition, the entertainment begins.  Our speakers and a Musical Show. 

The Exhibition has a fun idea to a serious theme. Using runner beans as the runners in the race, with twists and turns along the way, making it difficult and not always plain sailing for the runners.  Christ The Redeemer is waiting with outstretched arms at the end of the race!

Everyone has another opportunity to see the Exhibition on Saturday the 8th September from 10:00am until 6:00pm. Includes refreshments and stalls in the church hall.

Suggested donation of £5.00 for Friday evening, which  includes cheese and wine and entertainment..


We would also like to offer the opportunity to sponsor a flower arrangement, in memory of a

Loved one, as a dedication to someone, or for whatever reason you choose.

Please contact by email, telephone or direct through any member of the church ledinning@yahoo.co.uk  -  0191 2846568

for information St Hilda’s website www.sthildasjesmond.org.uk




A Warm Welcome To Prayer Cafe

                         Come and join us this afternoon at 2:30pm the 12th July.                                                                                                               Afternoon Tea served in beautiful surroundings followed by a short informal service.  No charge!   




A Warm Welcome to St Hilda’s and St George’s church was given to Stephanie Keates.


Stephanie was ordained Deacon on Saturday 30th June at St Nicholas Cathedral and was welcomed by both churches during evensong, held at St George's church on Sunday evening the 1st July. This was followed by drinks and a buffet in the hall.

We hope Stephanie will be very happy in Jesmond and look forward to getting to know her better.  

Left to right... Revd Pauline Pearson, Stephanie Keates, The Vicar: Revd Brian Hurst,  Revd Christopher Wardale