Knit and Natter – 24th April


Enjoying a cup of tea and cake while Knitting on the 24th April at Knit and Natter.  You can also see something of the beautiful church in the background… come and see for yourself.  2:00 pm every Monday, except bank holidays.

Easter Day at St Hilda’s

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Maundy Thursday - Prayer Cafe - 2:30 pm - A time to reflect on Maundy Thursday and the sharing of food, as Jesus did with his disciples, over 2000 years ago.

7:30pm at St Hilda's - Eucharist of the Last Supper, The Washing of Feet and The watch

Good Friday - Walk of Witness - Churches Together in Jesmond - Walk begins at Holy Trinity church at 10:30am, Holy Name and The Methodist at 10:45.  Finishing as close as possible to the corner of Acorn Rd... Our usual spot opposite Tesco isn't available this year.  Hot Cross buns at St Hilda's to follow.

8:00pm St Hilda's church - Tenebrae 


Pictures from the Triptych

St Hilda shown here holding Whitby Abbey

Holy Week at St Hilda’s


 9th April   -  PALM SUNDAY             11:00 am     Procession of Palms and Parish Communion

10th April  -  Monday                           7:30 pm     Holy Communion

11th April  -  Tuesday                          7:30 pm     Holy Communion 

12th April  - Wednesday                     7:30 pm     Holy Communion

13th April  - Maundy Thursday         7:30 pm     Eucharist of the Last Supper and Watch

14th April  -  GOOD FRIDAY  -  WALK OF WITNESS - CHURCHES TOGETHER IN JESMOND                                                   The walk of witness starts at the following churches...... Holy Trinity 10:30am, Holy Name and Methodist     church 10:45am. Finishing on the corner of Acorn Road opposite Tesco.  Hot Cross Buns at St Hilda's to follow. 

14th April -   GOOD FRIDAY              2:00 pm     Liturgy of the Day

14th April  -  GOOD FRIDAY              8:00 pm     Tenebrae

15th April  -  HOLY SATURDAY        7:30 pm...... Vigil, Service of Light, Renewal of Baptismal Vows    

16th April  -  EASTER DAY                 11:00 am..... Festival Eucharist                                                                                                 

Prayer Cafe

Our next Prayer Cafe will be on Thursday 13th April... Maundy Thursday at 2:30pm.

A time to reflect and think about Maundy Thursday, perhaps to compare it to the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples and the things they discussed over 2000 years ago.  As we eat we might also talk about things that may be happening in our lives today, our concerns, whether personal, local, or worldwide, making notes as we talk. Not too long later we move a few yards to the Lady Chapel, where we then have an informal short service and our notes are turned into prayers.