The 5th Sunday of Lent - 11:00am on Sunday

Guest Speaker: Davina Radford from St Oswald's Hospice   



PRAYER CAFE - Thursday 8th March at 2:30 PM
Afternoon tea, served with a choice of tea or coffee.
While enjoying the food, the surroundings and the company of those around us, we chat about anything and everything, sometimes world concerns and sometimes our hopes for the future. 

After a approx. 45 mins we move to the Lady Chapel for a short informal service.


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The Maundy Thursday Seder will be at 6pm at St Hilda's on Thursday 29th March.  It is open to both St George's and St Hilda's congregations and is suitable for families with children of any age. It is an interactive re-telling and involves food, wine, readings, questions and music.

We would share a simple meal together and remember the Old Testament Passover story as part of our remembering the story of Jesus - this will link then to the Maundy Thursday service in church at 7.30pm. There will also be a service at St Georges for those who wish to remember Maundy Thursday there - though they are welcome to stay at St. Hilda's if they wish.



It was a wonderful celebration of Christine's time at St Hilda's, made special by all who came to give their support and wish her the very best in the future.  Gifts were given in appreciation to and from Christine and were very well received.                                                                                                                                                                                            Christine was quite poorly and very nearly didn't make it at all.  The vicar stepped in to preside and preach, helping to make it doable for Christine.  It was a lovely service... The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, (Candlemas).  Lots of people came to join in the celebration and help make Christine's retirement special, I think it was! 

Thank you to all those who came and for the many contributions of food, one of these was bread, made in the shape of a C, C for Christine... lovely!

The Revd Christine Crompton is Retiring


When Christine isn't preaching on a Sunday or Wednesday morning,  

she can usually be found serving tea and coffee at Knit and Natter and Prayer Cafe.



She came to St Hilda's fifteen years ago and has been an inspiration to so many people. 

To say thank you, doesn't seem enough, but we will do our best!

On Sunday the 28th January at 11:00am, Christine will be both President and Preacher,

for the last time in her present role.

Straight after the service we move to the church hall. where we will celebrate those fifteen years over lunch.


We are very pleased to say, Christine is not leaving St Hilda's completely, she will still be around,

just wearing a different hat!

A Peaceful and Happy New Year to Everyone




The Epiphany of The Lord

Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.” Matthew 2:1-2 (NASB)  

Christmas at St. Hilda’s

Christmas Eve - Midnight Mass -11:30pm

Christmas Morning Eucharist - Family Service - 11:00am

A Festival of Decorated Christmas Trees 2017 – Winning Trees

Hosanna in egg-shell-sis   

by West Jesmond Primary School


Three winning Trees from the Group Category


           Nativitree by Jesmond Pool

gLitter by Keep Jesmond Clean

Rockin around the Christmas Tree

      by Maureen Gibson

Three Winning Trees from the Individual Category

  Treedeldum & Treedledee by Ken



    Kurisumasutsuri by Katie

  ( Christmas tree in Japanese)


We would like to thank everyone for their support during our Festival of Decorated Christmas Trees, it was very much appreciated, by all at St Hilda's.  

The number of people, who came on the day, has to be a record, but even more important, everyone seemed to have fun and enjoyed the display of trees. There was something for all age groups... Paddington Bear, Treedledum & Treedledee and even Snow White & the 7 dwarf trees, these were particular favourites with the children, as was the tree filled with quality street chocolates, the children were invited to help themselves to the sweets... a clever tactic!

On arrival our visitors were given a programme, a small glass of ginger wine and the all-important voting slip. There were 40 trees to look at and appreciate; choosing three was not an easy task.  Every tree was different; some took two minutes to set up, others weeks to prepare, but all were amazing. 

The Festival ended with a Carol Service, during which the winning trees were announced, surrounded by the spectacular trees. 

A short while later at 7:30pm The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers performed their Christmas Concert at St. Hilda's, they too were amazing… WHAT A DAY! 


by Dementia Action Alliance

        More popular Trees

                  Scots Pine

by Jesmond Community Forum

    'Trees' Look after this Bear

             by Hays Travel

                Balletreena  by St Hilda's Ballet School

 Tapestree by Pauline Pearson

       Needles in a haystack

          by Erica Dunmow

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers performing their Christmas Concert.... The perfect end to a wonderful day!

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

We are proud to announce the Fusiliers will be presenting their Christmas Concert




2nd December


7:30 pm


It isn't too late to think about entering a tree in the  Festival of Decorated Christmas Trees...  Still two weeks left.   It is a fun community event and everyone is invited to take part.   Your tree can be anything you'd like it to be, as long as it resembles or represents a tree.    See the entry form below for more information and GOOD LUCK!